Friday, July 1, 2011

Effects of Poor Compaction

In the slide above, you see six examples of structures that have been compromised because of poorly compacted soil.

In the first example, a structure has cracked due to the soil below it failing due to lack of compaction. In the second example, a concrete slab has cracked due to poor soil underneath it. The third example shows the joint in a pipeline which could separate due to poor supporting soil. The fourth example shows a foundation cracking and falling away due to the soil settling. The fifth example shows a concrete block designed to support a structure tipped to one side as the soil is not supporting it evenly. The last example shows a trench settling, which jeopardizes the pipe that runs through it.


What is the basic meaning of compaction?

How is compaction normally produced in soil?

How does compaction differ from consolidation?

What are some effects of poor soil compaction?

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