Friday, July 1, 2011

Pneumatic Roller

Pneumatic rollers are not all that common to Newfoundland; the soil types here do not often require this type of equipment. The machine is best used on clay, where the soil here in Newfoundland is rocky and gravel-like. The machine is a self-driven (has an engine) piece of equipment that uses several highly inflated rubber tires as a compaction surface. The weight of the machine is used to provide compaction and extra weight may be added by filling boxes on the ends with sand or rocks.


  • machine consists of a number of rubber tires, highly inflates
  • vary from small rollers to very large and heavy rollers
  • may be self-propelled but the larger ones are usually towed
  • some have boxes mounted above their wheels so that material may be added to provide more compaction
  • used on 'clayey' and silty soils
  • effective in compacting granular material containing small amounts of fines

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